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Owner Representation & Project Management

CCI believes that risk reduction is a matter of careful planning and on-going supervision. Our package of services, tailored to building owners and property developers, provides a framework for making decisions based on clear development objectives and an accurate understanding of the constraints imposed by regulations, physical conditions, cost and time. CCI provides the following services during four critical stages of development:

  1. Planning: Establish objectives, assess existing conditions, review scope of work, review project budgets, assist in selecting the general contractor, architect, and other project team members, interface with funding source requirements, and manage project team activities.
  2. Design: Evaluate product and material selections, review design development drawings and contract documents, interface with municipal activities, and manage design team activities.
  3. Construction: Evaluate bids/forms, oversee contract administration, perform on-going construction inspections, and conduct contractor payment reviews.
  4. Construction Wrap-Up: Supervise punch-list inspections, coordinate and collect all required close-out documents, establish asset preservation schedules.

Project management and owner representation services of the ‘hard costs’ portions of real estate development are performed throughout the U.S. by CCI, which include design, engineering, and construction of the physical product.