Mike Harris

Edward Michael "Mike" Harris

Founder and Chairman

Mike founded Capital Consultants, incorporated in 1997, and EM Harris Construction Company, incorporated in 1989. Mike founded Capital Consultants to provide on-site Owners Representation, Investor/ Lender Inspection Services, and Physical Needs Assessments, in addition to providing executive oversight to the EM Harris Construction operations. Mike’s vision and dedication to assisting clients concerned about cost overruns, scheduling problems, and the quality of their construction projects has shaped Capital Consultants into the team we are today. As a General Contractor, Mike received several awards in recognition of his continued involvement in the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County in conjunction with his focused efforts in neighborhood revitalization and creating opportunities for the residents. Achieving sustained high minority participation on EM Harris construction projects, along with diligent Section 3 implementation, Mike also earned recognition from the State of Missouri Senate.