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Investor/Lender Services

  • Constructability Reviews
  • Cost Reviews
  • Site Inspections and Reports

CCI offers a package of services to development investors and lenders to help assess the soundness and feasibility of their potential investment and to follow through with oversight services structured to ensure the development remains viable over the life of the investment.

Upon engagement with various lenders and investors, CCI performs a Constructability Review or Pre-Construction Analysis Report (pre-closing) that includes the review of Construction Documents, Contracts, and project cost estimates. Our pre-closing report includes a compliance review with regard to local and federal building codes, as well as accessibility/Fair Housing requirements, along with any specific design criteria required by our client. CCI then provides monthly monitoring during construction with respect to the appropriate disbursement of funds and conformance to plans and specifications.

Historic Constructability Reviews include review of historic tax credit applications, amendments and approvals, as well as an opinion as to whether the plans and specifications incorporate the requirements found in the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation.